Skiva PowerFlow QuadFire Four Port USB Wall/Travel/AC Rapid Charger for iPhone & iPad Review

Skiva PowerFlow QuadFire Four Port USB Wall/Travel/AC Rapid Charger for iPhone & iPad Review

Skiva PowerFlow QuadFire (4 Amps / 20Watt / Fastest Speed) Four Port USB Wall/Travel/AC Rapid Charger for iPhone 5 4 4s 3, iPad 3 2 1, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android Smartphones and Other USB Devices (Universal Compatibility) – $49.99

I just received the Quadfire 4-port charger and couldn’t be happier!

Here was my problem before the Quadfire… I got my galaxy nexus, my ipad 3, my bluetooth headset, and my USB rechargable bicycle light that all need to be charged on a regular basis. All the individual chargers used to take over my entire surge protector..

Now with Quadfire, all I need is one wall outlet, and 4 USB cables, and I’m all set!

With 1 Amp current on all the charging ports, it charges my iPad 3 from 0% to full overnight just fine. With every other device, the Quadfire charges in just a couple hours!

The build quality is top notch, and doesn’t feel cheap at all. It’s really compact, so it’s quite easy to take it with me when I’m traveling. It comes with 2 MicroUSB cables in the box.

For the price you simply can’t find anything else that can beat it in terms of functionality and performance.

More Details

  • The Powerflow Quadfire Four Port USB charger charges your iPhone, iPad, HTC phones, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Phone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Blackberry, MP3 players, Digital Camera, & other USB devices
  • Highest Power rating at 20W / 4 Amps output at 5V. It has at least twice the power of any other four port charger on the market, resulting in fast charging of your devices.
  • Intelligent overheat, overcharging and over-current protection is built-in.
  • This is the only charger that can charge four tablets simultaneously.
  • Its compact Design and Flip Down AC Prongs make it easy to carry on travel.

Skiva PowerFlow QuadFire Four Port USB chargerSkiva Powerflow Quadfire is Fastest USB charger in the market with
20W / 4 Amps of output. It is designed to charge multiple
power hungry tablets, phones and other USB devices (GPS, bluetooth
headset, portable Wifi, MP3 players, 3D Glasses etc) at the fastest possible speed.
This charger charges tablets at 2 Amps and most phones at 1 Amps current.
This results in the fastest possible charging of your device.

Compact Travel Friendly Body:
This charger is very compact and has flip down AC prongs for easy carrying during travel.

Optimal iPad/iPod/iPhone Device Charging:
This charger is designed to for maximum charging speed of all Apple
devices including iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPhone 4S 4, and iPod Touch.

Tablet Support:
This is one of the only chargers that supports a wide range of tablets

Android Rapid Charging:
Powerflow Quadfire can charge Android smartphones/tablets in rapid charging mode
with optimal charge current.

Safe Charging:
This Charger has built-in overcurrent and thermal protection.

USB Ports:
Port 1 & 2 (Universal): Designed based on latest USB charging standard
will charge almost all devices including Apple & Android devices.
Port 3 (Universal/iDevice Legacy): This port will also charge most
devices (including the iPad) but this port supports legacy/old Apple devices as well.
Port 4 (Universal/Samsung Optimized): This port is specifically designed to
charge Samsung devices. Other phones can be charged as well. Note that this port will not charge iPad.

Included Cables:
Two microUSB cables.
Use your own cables for other devices.

Not Compatible With:
Motorola Xoom Tablet, Some Blackberry phones

You can pick up this sweet charger at right here.

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