Apple iPad Air MF003LL/A Review (32GB, Wi-Fi + AT&T, Black with Space Gray)

Apple iPad Air MF003LL/A Review (32GB, Wi-Fi + AT&T, Black with Space Gray)

Apple iPad Air MF003LL/A (32GB, Wi-Fi + AT&T, Black with Space Gray) NEWEST VERSION – $729.00

I must start this off by stating that I traded up from a 2nd gen iPad to the new iPad Air and never used any of the generations in between. This review is being written from the new iPad, and I am loving it.

The biggest difference I have noticed is the weight. This thing is so much easier to hold with one hand and feels much more manageable as a reading tablet. The screen is much clearer thanks to the Retina display (same resolution as the 4th gen iPad). I cannot comment on a previous poster’s comment that the screen is not as bright, but the display is plenty bright for me when I need it to be.

Typing on the tablet does feel a little different than before, but I do not think it feels like it’s going to break. I actually prefer typing on the new one. It is difficult to explain, but I suggest trying it out in store if you are seriously concerned about the feel.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this tablet (especially if you are tied to the iOS ecosystem). There are other great tablets out there, but I cannot comment on them since I have never owned them.

More Details

  • Apple iOS 7; 9.7 Retina display; 2048 x 1536 resolution
  • A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) + AT&T 4G LTE; 32 GB Capacity
  • 5 MP iSight camera; 1080p HD video recording
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life; 1.05 lbs

The Apple iPad Air 32gb model is available over at right here.

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  1. This is my 3rd iPad. I’ve had original iPad, iPad 3, and now the Air. Many people may say iPad is not worth the price for what it does, but in my case, it was worth every penny. I used iPad 3 and now the Air mostly for browsing the web, reading textbooks, and occasional gaming, and for these tasks iPad Air is perfect; not to mention, I’ve saved a couple of hundreds on textbooks already. Air is much lighter and faster than the other iPads I’ve had so far. Now, I can easily hold it longer while reading longer texts, and I can see the performance increase in web browsing and games.

    Mini vs. Air Dilemma

    I first got the new iPad Mini with Retina display, because the Apple sales person said it is identical to iPad Air in every aspect other than screen size. Of course it turned out to be wrong, since mini is a bit slower and has the display color accuracy issue. After a week, I went back and exchanged the mini for iPad Air. While mini is a wonderful tablet, I was keeping it much closer to my eyes that I liked to. Web browsing also suffered a lot on a smaller screen of the mini even with Retina. With iPad Air, everything is back to normal again, and I can browse the web more easily now.

    Wi-Fi vs. 4G Cellular

    I have had the cellular version of iPad 3 and the original iPad. To be honest, I only enabled the service for a few months and disabled it afterwards. I find myself to be always near Wi-Fi networks, either at school or work, so I decided to get the Wi-Fi version this time. Another reason was that I can always turn on the Hot-Spot feature on my phone, and share the internet with iPad Air. Because of these points, it didn’t make any sense to pay $130 more for the cellular version.

    Games and Performance

    I’ve tried a few games, including Dead Trigger 2, and the 3D performance is very good. The new A7 processor really shines here. I am sure new wave of 3D and 64-bits games will come to iPad pretty soon, and if you are into gaming, definitely go with larger than 16GB models. The web browsing performance has been increased as well, so you can browse the web more fluidly.


    I am pretty happy with my purchase. The free iLife and iWork packages with the purchase of new iPad from Apple sealed the deal for me. It is much better than my previous iPad 3, and I definitely love the new reduced weight. The performance increase is also noticeable both in games and web browsing. If you are coming from older iPads, you will probably appreciate the new design and performance as well.

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